Our Program

With the august ripse up we demand consequent action in the climate crisis: with colourful actions in the heart of Berlin we focus the attention to the climate catastrophe and the failure of the government.

Most likely we will still make changes in the schedule in details or even days! Some of the events are still being registered. According to our experience, some more actions will come up till the start. Do you want to contribute something? Then write to us at august2021@riseup.net – but please no sensitive information for the time being when it comes to civil disobedience!

– the 🇩🇪 German version might have more current info –


Tiny glossary

Registered = This action is legally registered and can be visited and supported without restrictions!
= Civil disobedience, deliberate violation of rules
Action level (AL) 1 = Not registered action, but you can leave after request (usually there are three clear announcements) of the police at any time!
AB 2 = You remain seated and refuse the request to clear the square and thus commit a misdemeanor.
AB 3 = Sticking, chaining, etc. can be considered resistance to authority and result in criminal charges or a fine.

👮🏻‍♀️ Read more in the legal brochure – also note our action consensus! 👮🏻‍♂️

Warm Up

saturday, 07.08.

Aktion Feierabend (ZU, AL 1-3)

Warm up for civil disobedience with Extinction Rebellion (XR) Berlin – roles and reference group formation can be practiced here. All info here!
Start: 15:45 at the S-Bahn Warschauer Straße (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap), exit to the bridge.

monday, 09.08.

International Day of Indigenous Peoples (legal)

Indigenous peoples protect 80% of biodiversity but thy don’t get a say. The protest demands recognition of indigenous rights and criminalization of ecocide. Dress code: white clothes. Start at the Brazilian Embassy (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap), all further info on Facebook!
Start: 17:00 End: 20:00

saturday, 14.08

Uprising Festival (legal) – Overview & Program

A festival takes place in the heart of Berlin! There will be a diverse program, great artists* will be there to tune us in. There will also be many political, creative and regenerative workshops! So feel free to come to Berlin early and get ready together with us. There will also be food. Masks are compulsory on the whole area as well as in front of the stages, a hygiene concept is still to come. If you want to contribute something, please write to the festival team at programm2021@riseup.net
Ort: Am Marx Engels Forum (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap), Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, 10178 Berlin
Start 12:05, end around 22:00

Overview & Program

sunday, 15.08.

Bike demo from Potsdam to the Uprising Festival (legal)

It goes from Potsdam via Wannsee, the A115 (AVUS) and the Kaiserdamm to downtown Berlin, via the rally of the ADFC in front of the Ministry of Transport (BMVI) to the UpRising Festival with a short final rally and then there will be music!
Meeting point: 9:30 am on the Glienicker Bridge near Potsdam, start at 10:00 am, stop at Wannsee S-Bahn station around 11:00 am, rally in front of the Ministry of Transport (BMVI) around 3:00pm, arrival at the festival around 4:00pm.
Overview & Route

Uprising Festival (registered)

Also on the second day there will be a lot of entertainment, creative workshops and talks! If you want to contribute, please write to the festival team at programm2021@riseup.net
Location: At Marx Engels Forum (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap), Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, 10178 Berlin
Start at 12:05, end around 8pm
Overview & Program

Bridge of Faith (registered)

An action of the Bridge of Faith addresses religious representatives* in the country. Christians for Future, Earthholder and XR Faith invite you! Start on the Uprising Festival grounds (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap) at 16:00 with a slow walking meditation, 16:30 will be followed by an interfaith ritual at the Friedrichsbrücke and 17:30-18:30 „Standing with the Earth“ at the Lustgarten.

Rise Up

monday, 16.08.

Our Government fails us! (ZU, AL 1-3)

We’re back! And everyone can get involved! An action training is highly recommended if you want to participate here (see dates). Note our action consensus!
Time/location: at short notice via Telegram [?]

Regenerative Kulturen gestalten

Wie wir Systeme transformieren können: Unsere aktuellen Systeme wurden mit einer veralteten Weltsicht gestaltet und führten so zu den Problemen, die wir heute haben. Um Klima-, Biodiversitäts- und Nachhaltigkeitskrise zu bewältigen müssen wir alle Teile unserer Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft transformieren. Eine Vorstellung des Buches ‚Designing Regenerative Cultures‘ und Gespräch darüber, wie die Klimagerechtigkeitsbewegung damit effektiver wird.
Start: 17:30 Ort: ReKu Bereich (genauere Angabe folgt)

Heat Alarm (info to follow)

An action of the Youth Council of the Generation Foundation with sirens to draw attention to global warming.

Site at Neptunbrunnen (legal)

At the Neptunbrunnen (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap) there will be action trainings and sleeping facilities for people with tents and some food. The site will remain for the week.


tuesday, 17.08.


Dankbarkeit verbindet uns mit der Welt, weil ich mich damit in Bezug zu etwas anderem setze. Dankbarkeit erdet, nährt und beruhigt uns. Fokus auf Fülle ist subversiv in einer konsumistischen Kultur. Martin gibt einige Inputs zu dem Thema und leitet dann Kleingruppengespräche an, später tauschen wir uns nochmal in der großen Runde aus.
Start: 12:00 Uhr, Ort: folgt

Big climate protest march (legal)

Major cross-movement demonstration: See you all on the street! With this demo march we address the ruling parties and run through different stations. Route here & Facebook Event.
For action ideas or other concerns contact: august2021@riseup.net or +491778011774.
The following groups will probably contribute to the program here: Care4Climate Hamburg, Parents for Future, XR Scientists – everyone is invited! Exact route to be announced. Invite your friends! All info here.
Start (two meeting points!):
– 3pm at the SPD party headquarters „Willy-Brandt-Haus“, Wilhelmstraße 141 (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap)
– 3pm at the CDU party headquarters „Konrad-Adenauer-Haus“ Klingelhöferstraße 8 (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap)

Animal Rebellion (ZU, AL still unclear)

Action info to follow! Animal Rebellion (AR) demands an end to the agricultural animal farming and fish industry and a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system.
Time/Location: on short notice via Telegram [?]

– Take care of yourself and your fellow humans 🌱 Learn more about sustainable activism

Wed, 18.08.2021

Resilient durchs Camp

Mit den Psychologists for Future: Für NA brauchen wir Selbstfürsorge und Widerstandsfähigkeit. Meditation, Selbstfürsorge, Achtsames Gehen im Grunewald – 6-16 Teilnehmer:innen, Anmeldungen bitte bis einschließlich Montag über die Info-Points im Camp.
Start: 10:00 Ende: 12:30 Ort: WaldAusstellung

Block those who are standing in the way (ZU, AL 1-3)

We target blockers of effective climate policies.
Time/Location: on short notice via Telegram [?]

Block those who slow us down (ZU, AL 1-3)

To the brakemen of social change: We can already see what you are causing!
Time/Location: short term via Telegram [?]

THURSDAY, 19.08.

Workshop: Regenerative culture (ReKu)

What means regenerative culture, which layers are there & how present is regenerative culture in my life? We want to approach this topic theoretically and practically and exchange our ideas.
Start: 11am End: 1pm Location: Awareness Tent at the Camp

Species extinction (ZU, AL 1-3)

We are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction – with a funeral march accompanied by violin and die-in we make this visible on the street! The Red Rebels will be joining us! Animal costumes are welcome! More information soon!
Start: in the morning
Location: at short notice via Telegram [?]

Ghost Nets (ZU, AL 1-2)

Our oceans are in a desolate state! We draw a labyrinth with old fishing nets thrown into the sea over a central and heavily frequented Berlin junction. Between these ghost nets Blue Rebels attract attention. Signs and speeches inform about the oceans, the threatened marine biodiversity, industrial fishing and littering. A children’s book on the threat to the oceans can be distributed to passers-by with child(ren).
Start: early noon
Location: at short notice via Telegram [?]

SiG action (ZU, AL still unclear)

An action of Sand im Getriebe – more information soon!
Time/place: short term via Telegram [?]


Short workshop : stress relieve, tree yoga und singing
Time: yet unclear
Location: at the blockade


Sit in a circle and spontaneously speak from your heart von listen with your heart, how the last days have been.
Start: 8pm
Ort: Site at Neptunbrunnen (Google Maps / OpenStreetMap)

Friday, 20.08.

Fridays for Future

Come to the FFF Demo – for 20 August there is no regular date yet, more information soon.

Key to the Future (legal)

The Psychologists for Future will symbolically hand over a huge key at the square in front of the Bundestag (exact place will follow). The key consists of the seven sectors of the necessary greenhouse gas reduction to meet the 1.5°C limit. With us: the Red Rebels.
Start: 11:30am End: 13:30pm

Site at the BMEL (legal)

Animal Rights Watch e.V. will set up a site at the BMEL (Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture) at Wilhelmstraße 54. There will be speeches and a screen with undercover video footage.
Period: 3pm – 5pm

Surprise (ZU, AL still unclear)

Here we are not allowed to reveal anything yet. But it will be inclusive and colorful!Time/location: at short notice via Telegram [?]

Visions, Utopias and Systems Change

Open round of talks: If we have a picture of how a positive future can look like, we have more fun and hope fighting for that and trying new things.
Time: 18:00 Uhr Location: ReKu Area

saturday, 21.08.

For the closure of all slaughterhouses (legal)

Animal Rights Watch e.V. (ARIWA) invites you to the worldwide demo series: Boundless violence against animals in breeding, use, fattening and slaughter, but also climate change, habitat destruction and species extinction, and not least the significant pandemic potential are just a few reasons to finally end the slaughter and human animal consumption consistently and permanently.
Start 12 noon at Wilmersdorfer Straße 46, end around 3pm – more info on the event page.

Rebellion of One (ZU, AL 1-2)

For the fourth time in Berlin and all over Germany, single people sit down on the street with a sign „I am afraid of the climate crisis because…“ and block the traffic. A small team next to them takes care of de-escalation and media work.
Start (in Berlin) from 4pm, more info at extinctionrebellion.de/ro1

sunday, 22.08.

Hey, a free spot!

Write us gladly to august2021@riseup.net if you want to contribute something! There also is an action map which lists strategically interesting places and can be used for inspiration.

AND beyond…?

The situation remains dynamic

We will assess the situation together during the August RiseUp and decide how we want to proceed.

Days of Action in autumn

From long networking efforts inside and outside the climate justice movement, large alliances have emerged that collectively want to launch actions and demonstrations in autumn. The time frame will probably be determined by RiseUp. We will keep you informed!

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