from 16.08.2021 in Berlin

To all those affected, all climate activists, dear committed friends, dear all those who do not stand by and just watch the political „business as usual“, but have been active themselves for a long time or those who want to take action. In August we’ve got something big planned.
Together with thousands of people we want to surge into the centre of Berlin on 16 August, set up tents, kitchens and peaceful barricades and occupy a space for days.


The poles are melting ever more rapidly, the earth is being irreversibly devastated. Indigenous peoples are being robbed of their land, displaced and murdered. We are losing the very things that keep us alive: soils, forests and oceans. The once stable climate is collapsing irrevocably – a 3, 4 or 5 degree hotter world means hell on earth, especially along the equator.
After centuries of colonial exploitation of the global South, billions of people will now die of starvation because they can no longer farm. The displacement and extinction of large parts of life on this planet is happening right here, right now. And what are the reactions?
Those in positions of responsibility continue to pour oil on the fire. They fight the necessary changes. The political and economic system can no longer be reformed. This is a bloody emergency. We need the long overdue holistic change now, and it needs to be fundamental & socially just. We need a peaceful uprising.

RiseUp Info Evenings

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Any questions? Feel free to send us an email to! We look forward to hearing from you!


For the last few years, people in Germany have been demonstrating for a future every Friday, even with millions on the streets. Other people have actively opposed forest clearances or the destruction of villages for lignite. BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) have tried to draw attention to the systemic racism caused by climate catastrophe for centuries.
But the government has not taken a serious interest in our cause. Let’s face it: the government is failing. It even disregards the inadequate Paris climate agreement every time it makes a decision. It simply does not care about the consequences of its actions.
Not only is it acting unconstitutionally, it is driving global exploitation and does not care about the people who are already starving, dying of thirst or fleeing. It robs the resources of other countries and outsources the environmental & social costs to where a struggle for survival has already been going on for hundreds of years. Every day, people who rebel against it in the Global South are abducted and murdered.
Our political system is not designed to put the interest of the common good first. Corporations and lobbyists can easily push through their interests, even against the interest of the general public. Excuses and superficial measures continue to be spread. Ineffective solutions such as mere „technological innovation“ and „green growth“ stem from a structurally patriarchal and racist view. This has brought us to where we are now: on the edge of an abyss.


We* are a planning group from different parts of the climatejustice movement, and want to take it one step further with a huge uprising in Berlin. We* call on everyone to finally do the thing long overdue six weeks before the federal elections; to expose the political failure, global exploitation and lobby entanglements of everyday politics.
The exploitation of people and nature has the same roots. We ourselves need to acknowledge that we live in a structurally discriminatory system. We* want to become a bigger, more diverse us – and invite you to join us.
* As a hitherto mainly white, academic group, we are aware that the struggle for justice is a challenge and that we always have to question ourselves self-critically. That is why we are actively working to make our structures as inclusive as possible.



We demand holistic change for social and climate justice. NOW! It is time that especially people in the global North recognise this global emergency and its causes. We call for a representatively drawn assembly to chart the path towards climate justice. The change should be decided by the citizens themselves, collectively and in a self-determined way. This includes a redistribution of power away from the fossil fuel lobby to us citizens, zero emissions in the next four years, an end to the exploitation of people in the global south and immediate action to curb the mass extinction of species. Those affected by the climate crisis must be given a special say and polluters must be held accountable. The central goal of society in the future is to create a globally just world and to stabilise the Earth’s climate and ecosystems so that it provides a safe home for all people and all species worldwide.
We want to create a mass movement, which we see as the last chance to create systemic change in time. To do this, we want to make the scale of the collapse palpable to millions of people in Germany who are still suppressing reality so far, and inspire them to join us. Let’s all build a real whirlwind by August – through self-determined actions and spreading the message. Now it’s Power to the People – until the pressure is huge in autumn!



Participating groups

In solidarity with…

The following groups are in solidarity with RiseUp! and see themselves as supporters of the registered protests:

Together we will confront the climate crisis!

How much power will come together when thousands of people peacefully occupy a place? With this form of action, we want to try out new and unexpected ideas with which we can exert colourful and diverse pressure on politics, as well as use the state reactions for our own purposes.
From the occupation, we will also repeatedly engage in civil disobedience. While doing so, we are guided by our belief in a better world, determination and non-violence. For too long we have prevented ourselves from unleashing the strength of the climate movement.
We want to continue the struggle for justice that has been going on elsewhere for centuries. We stand in solidarity with other movements around the world. We want to step out of our individual comfort zones. 
We want to shape a resilient culture of appreciation and exemplify our vision of a vibrant future; indigenous groups can show us how. In doing so, we clearly distance ourselves from right-wing ideas and maintain an anti-fascist, anti-racist and emancipatory stance.

And what about Corona?

We assume that the pandemic and its crass social consequences will continue to accompany us closely in August. In the face of this challenge, we need a solidarity-based and well-considered Corona concept. As we slide further into disaster, we want to be in action even in unprecedented pandemic times.

What can you do?

There are many ways to get involved. No matter how much time you have or what skills you bring, as long as you share our values and demands, you are welcome to get involved. It’s best to attend an introductory meeting beforehand – you can also download the most important information here
Here is a selection of possibilities:

Come to the occupation on 16 August in Berlin!

Who do you invite to RiseUp! personally?

Organise bike tours, marches, buses and rallies to get there from your city! 

Organise and hold open meetings, teach-ins and talks on collapse.

We need art and music! We oppose the collapse with joie de vivre! And we can use „laughivism“ to create songs, embarrassing sculptures, caricatures, for example. Or would you prefer a modern theatre performance? There are no limits to your creativity!

You can’t do anything without a crass cast infrastructure, kitchen, set-up and supplies.

Offer training and reflection rooms as a basis for work for everyone.

Contribute to our creative media work: Impressive videos, graphics, pictures, icons and texts will engage people.

Painting buildings, climbing, tripods, opening asphalt & planting trees, colourful blockades, building bicycle lanes, … – you’ll think of something! Or how about sit-ins in the lobby office, standing up on a plane, train talks in Berlin subways, critical masses, Rebellion Of Ones?

It won't work without your energy!

There is not much time left until August. Let's prepare together. If you want to stay informed and/or support us: Feel free to send us an email to! We look forward to hearing from you!